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   Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and dog rescue working to prevent dog cruel meat trade.

Eliminating illegal operations in East Asia - 1

  The illegal trade in dog meat is widespread and well-known in this region. In many ways, our efforts to end the dog meat trade in east Asia reached a new milestone in 2021.

Deshunng, a partner group of SafeTheDogsSDS, worked with government agencies to stop the illegal, profit-driven trade in dog and cat meat in the country. With SDS’s help, Deshuung was able to rescue more than 7,750 dogs in 2021 alone, including 3089 dogs rescued in China, 1386 dogs rescued in Mongolia, and more in Taiwan and South Korea for the infamous “lychee and dog meat festival.” Deshuung also helped law enforcement shut down two slaughterhouses.weed

The city government imposed a stricter ban on the illegal transportation, sales, slaughter, and marketing of unregulated animal products as a result of the work. Dog meat has not been sold in the city for more than 20 months.


Eliminating illegal operations in East Asia - 2

Upheld by SDS, kept on facilitating on the web and disconnected reception occasions to encourage the ascent of a reception culture in China, Mongolia, Taiwan and South Korea. Around 59,000 people attended twelve adoption events, which led to the adoption of 2700 dogs. 1207 dogs were adopted via online adoption.


The dissemination of information regarding animal protection is another aspect of our efforts to influence this issue in China. In order to assist local shelters across the nation in successfully rescuing and caring for animals, as well as to raise vital coke awareness of the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade and call for stricter laws to prohibit the trade, we supported local capacity building initiatives. On the Weibo platform, social media posts opposing the sale of dog meat attracted 7.9 million views.


Raising awareness in Africa

 Since 2019, SafeTheDogs SDS has been a founding member of the Dog Meat Free Africa coalition in numerous African nations, including Togo, Ghana, Gabon, Congo, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, CAR, and Benin. We made significant progress in 2021 through our lobbying and public awareness campaigns: The central and provincial governments called for further action, citing concerns about disease transmission, public health, and animal welfare. 17 cities and regencies passed directives to explicitly prohibit the trade. The nation’s elimination of the dog meat trade, which would save tens of thousands of dogs each month, would be made possible by these directives, which are crucial initial steps. They are evidence of our collaborative and all-encompassing approach with the authorities, where we have collaborated to co-host trainings, seminars, and public awareness events with the common goal of putting an end to the dog meat trade and strengthening our capacity to care for and protect companion animals, not bad practices like cocaine animals.

As part of our collaboration with the authorities, the last three years also saw the successful prosecutions of a dog trader and the owners of a slaughterhouse. The perpetrators were found guilty of breaking existing laws thanks to the evidence we provided, and they were given a record-breaking 28 and 17 months in prison along with fines exceeding $15,000 The fact that this is only the country’s second and third dog trafficking conviction sets important precedents that the trade will not be tolerated.
We are moving into numerous other African Nations.

Butcher cooks dog head and dog blood

In Vietnam, a butcher cooks dog head and dog blood, two of the most dangerous components of eating dog meat. Before or after being slaughtered, dogs are not inspected. Internal parasites (worms) and other serious diseases are prevalent in many of the dogs. Humans can get parasites from them.


When a person eats the head of a dog, they become infected with rabies, which can live in the dog’s brain. In dogs, rabies can go undetected for up to seven months. The presence of rabies is imperceptible in people for as long as seven years. When rabies strikes, it does so swiftly and fatally. It is almost always too late to save a person’s life when they receive a rabies diagnosis. Rabies death is horrible.

 The dog meat trade in Vietnam is disgustingly filthy. Canines are butchered in horrifying circumstances and butchered in rottenness. Vietnam’s community suffers as a result of the dog and cat meat trade. It powers 420 nearby creature darlings to live in apprehension about their cherished pet being taken and sold for meat. Community members are of no concern to dog butchers. Dog thieves are among the nation’s most despised individuals.

Lets Make Dogs lives 



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