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Safe The Dogs is a nonprofit dog rescue that works in some countries to safe dogs from being killed for dog meat trade, and provides intervention when needed to improve quality of life , shelter and new homes. Founded in 2018, we operate mobile and in most countries in Asia and Africa where this practice is rampant. We also provide education programs to locals that enhance the bond between dogs and the people, and help to keep animals in their homes whenever possible. Animal Charity striving to do better.



Our Lovely Team

Our team & Volunteers will always do all it takes  !

We have a brilliant team and always add volunteers everywhere we go to make sure we deal with the locals and rescue dogs while educating the people on reasons to stop killing dogs for meat.


We educate the locals in this practice that dogs are our companions.

We make sure to rescue every dog we are able to in every community we visit.

Rescued dogs are sent to the right shelters or families who value a home for them.

We make sure to follow up on educating and shelters/new owners.



I am happy to have been part of this, contributing how I could to safe dogs makes me so happy as i feel the cruelty involved in this after visiting a country and seeing the cruelty first hand.

Frank McCall


Bitter/sweet feeling I have now, I will go again and again to safe more and more dogs as my friends. i pledge to do so and urge my buddies to do same.

Jansen Bergovic


I want to take time to appreciate the good work you guys are doing , i witness it first hand, every dog saved for this bad practice is a good thing. Lets Help our Lovely Paw mates

Ashley K.
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